"Lavinia has been teaching both of our children for the past 18 months with great success.

Our 13 year old daughter has just passed her Grade 5 vocal exam wholly due to the excellent tuition which she has received from Lavinia. Not only has she gained much vocally  and theoretically, but more especially has built enormously on her self-confidence and subsequently, her ability to perform in front of any audience.  Lavinia has been her inspiration and as a result her voice has developed beyond expectation enabling her to sing a huge range of music to a very high standard.   The most important thing is that she has fun and enjoys every minute.

Our 17 year old son has gone on to create his own music and, with Lavinia’s guidance has produced singles and CDs with great success.  Lavinia has inspired him to study music in greater depth and he is now considering university.  Without her guidance and absolute belief in his talent, our son would never have explored the music  nor without her introducing him to other singers would he have learned how to compose for a range of voices.  

We strongly recommend Lavinia to any parent looking for a vocal tutor to bring out the very best in their child both vocally and as individual personalities."

Angie Bartoli  /  Senior Lecturer at                      University of Northampton

"Lavinia is amazing, fact. In between a huge array of strange sounds and warbling along to a piano, I feel like I've learnt more in a few months than I have on my own over the past 10 years. She's hands down a phenomenal teacher. If you want to sing all the way from Suicide Silence to Stevie Wonder she's the one!"

Tom Fishky / Band Member / Tattoo Parlour Manager

"I've had the privilege of using LA vocals on more than one project, coaching vocalists with a diverse range of style. I was impressed with Lavinia's skill when it came to identifying a vocalists developments needs. Her style is that of a mentor as well as a teacher and in my opinion she's not just a vocal coach, she deals in developing confidence and ability, in general, in turn making a good vocalist, great. As a producer, that halves the work I then need to do while in the studio with the vocalist. Will defo recommend LA vocals."

Dama James / Music Producer / Music Manager